Our company’s basic criterion is to keep at top levels the construction quality, structural integrity sturdiness, and architectural
functionality of each and every building we undertake to construct.

Whichever the building method we adopt it always complies with Greece’s building regulations as well as those stipulated by the European Union.

Supervision at the construction site is carried out by experienced engineers whose practice of daily monitoring the project under construction is what guarantees the right transfer of theory into practice.

The anti-seismic reinforcement taken into consideration during each project’s stage of design is carried out on the basis of current regulations. What is more, the quality control that materials undergo during each and every construction phase of the project is rigorous and thorough.

We should last stress the fact that only a company that is experienced in construction projects has the ability to combine that which is contemporary, functional, and architecturally unique in design with the practicality and effectiveness in construction.